Lauren Dembeck
Advisor: Trudy Mackay
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BS Biology & BA Spanish  West Virginia University  2008


Academic and/or Research Interests
I am interested in the genetic architecture of speciation and traits that vary within and between species.  I am currently studying the genetic basis of abdominal pigmentation within Drosophila melanogaster (DGRP) and between D. yakuba and D. santomea.  In collaboration with Coby Schal, I am analyzing cuticular hydrocarbon (CHC) variation within the DGRP and will subsequently map genes contributing to differences in line “blends”.  CHC are important as contact pheromones.  They are involved in mate choice as well as adaptation to environmental conditions such as desiccation resistance.  Finally, I am mapping genes affecting pre-zygotic isolation, mate discrimination, in D. mauritiana and D. simulans.
Publications & Presentations
Merrill, R. M., Gompert, Z., Dembeck, L. M., Kronforst, M. R., McMillan, W. O. and C. J. Jiggins. 2011. Mate preference across the speciation continuum in a clade of mimetic butterflies. Evolution.


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