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The Program in Genetics consists of a highly interactive group of scientists with foci in quantitative, developmental and computational genetics. The program also administers outstanding undergraduate and graduate training programs in genetics, partly supported by an NIH training grant on ’The Genetic Architecture of Quantitative Traits’.

Program in Genetics


Genetics is arguably the most important field in biological sciences, impacting all aspects of life. The quantum leap in genetic and genomic technologies over the last decade is leading to equally impressive gains in our understanding of genetics and promises to usher in a Golden Age of Genetics. The Program in Genetics at North Carolina State University is poised to become a leader in contemporary genetics. A major expansion will occur to coalesce and build upon existing strengths in quantitative, evolutionary, computational and model organism genetics, with the goal of becoming an international leader in basic and applied genetics in an environment where collaborative research is the norm. Outstanding genetics training programs, from undergraduate to post-doctoral fellows, are equally important to achieving this goal.

The Program in Genetics is a vigorous and highly interactive group of scientists and has an international reputation in molecular, developmental and quantitative genetics, an excellent; graduate training program, outstanding graduate students, and a Ph.D. training grant. In the National Research Council’s ranking of research doctorate programs, NCSU’s program in Molecular and General Genetics was ranked in the top three of the nation’s land grant universities. 

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