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Francesco  Tiezzi
Francesco Tiezzi
Program in Genetics


Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Type: Postdocs

University of Florence (Italy) I° level 2007 Agricultural Science and Technology
University of Florence (Italy) II° level 2008 Sustainable Animal Husbandry
University of Padua (Italy) Ph.D. 2012 Animal Breeding and Genetics

Contact Info
Phone: 919-515-0811
Phone: 919-348-2493

Research interests:

Animal breeding, quantitative genetics, modeling and prediction of complex traits of relevant interest for the livestock industry, genomic prediction including genotype by environment interaction, control of inbreeding in populations undergoing artificial selection.



ANS 440-540 – Fall 2014 ‘Selection of Domestic Animals’, Undergraduate level. North Carolina State University.

ANS 708 – Spring 2015 ‘Genetics of Animal Improvement’, Graduate level. North Carolina State University.

Selected Publications:

Selected Peer Reviewed Publications:

Tiezzi, F., C. Maltecca. Genomic prediction using a weighted relationship matrix to account for trait architecture in US Holstein cattle. Accepted on Genetics, Selection, Evolution.

Tiezzi, F., K.L. Parker Gaddis, J.B. Cole, J.S. Clay, C. Maltecca. A genome-wide association study for clinical mastitis in first parity US Holstein cows using single-step approach and genomic matrix re-weighting procedure. PloS ONE 10(2), e0114919.

Tiezzi, F., B.D. Valente, M. Cassandro, C. Maltecca. Causal relationships between milk quality and coagulation properties in Italian Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle. Under review on Genetics, Selection, Evolution.

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