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Stephanie E. Curtis
Stephanie E. Curtis
Program in Genetics


Professor of Biological Sciences and Director of Genetics Academic Programs

Type: Faculty

PhD, University of Georgia
Postdoctoral, University of Chicago

Contact Info
Email: SECurtis

Research Areas: Academic

I oversee and administer Genetics academic programs and serve as the Director of Graduate Programs and Undergraduate Coordinator. In these roles I work with Genetics faculty to provide a quality education to undergraduate and graduate students in the classroom and research programs, help graduate students navigate their programs and advise undergraduate students interested in genetics.

Graduate degrees and courses in Genetics have been offered at NC State University for over sixty years. At the undergraduate level, we provide instruction in principles of genetics for all of the life sciences programs. An undergraduate Genetics Minor was established in 1988 and is the most highly subscribed minor at NC State University with 80-100 graduates each year. In response to strong student interest, a Genetics Major was implemented in Fall 2010 and the first freshman class was welcomed in Fall 2011. NC State University is the only institution in North Carolina to offer the Genetics B.S. degree.

I teach GN 311, Principles of Genetics, to undergraduate honors students and Genetics majors. This course is upper level survey course in the field of modern genetics. The course covers a broad range of topics including Mendelian inheritance, linkage, mapping, DNA and chromosome structure and function, gene expression and regulation, population genetics, polygenic inheritance and biotechnology. I also teach GN 850, Ethics and Professionalism, to graduate students from Genetics, Genomic Sciences and other programs. Topics include the role of the scientist in society, data acquisition and ownership, scientific misconduct, authorship, peer review, conflicts of interest and commitment, intellectual property, ethics of teaching and mentoring, ethical treatment of animal and human subjects, ethics of genetics research, job hunting and interviewing.

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