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Bethany  Dumont
Bethany Dumont
Program in Genetics


Initiative in Biocomplexity Postdoctoral Fellow

Type: Postdocs

PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Contact Info
Office: 3532A Thomas Hall
Email: BLDumont

Website: Visit my Homepage

My research integrates computational and wet-bench methods to investigate meiotic recombination rate variation and its consequences for mammalian genome evolution. I am currently focused on addressing five diverse questions in this area:

  • How do species differences in the genomic average recombination rate evolve?
  • How do chromosomal rearrangements affect global patterns of recombination?
  • How does recombination contribute to the rapid evolution of pseudoautosomal regions?
  • How does interlocus gene conversion affect patterns of polymorphism and divergence across duplicated genomic regions?
  • How can massively parallel sequencing technologies be leveraged to comprehensively define the genomic landscape of meiotic recombination and mutation?

    Selected Publications:

    Campbell CD, Chong JX, Malig M, Ko A, Dumont BL, Han L, Vives L, O’Roak B, Sudmant P, Abney M, Ober C, and Eichler EE. (2012) Estimating human mutation rate using autozygosity in a founder population. Nat Genet. 44

    White MA, Stubbings M, Dumont BL, Payseur BA. (2012) Genetics and evolution of hybrid male sterility in house mice. Genetics. 191:917–934.

    Borodin PM, Basheva EA, Torgasheva AA, Dashkevich OA, Golenishchev FN, Kartavtseva IV, Mekada K, and Dumont BL. (2012) Multiple independent evolutionary losses of XY pairing at meiosis in the grey voles. Chromosome Res. 20:259–268.

    Dumont BL, Payseur BA. (2011) Genetic analysis of genome-scale recombination rate in house mice. PLoS Genetics. 7(6): e1002116.

    Dumont BL, Payseur BA. (2011) Evolution of the genomic recombination rate in murid rodents. Genetics. 187:643–657.



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