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Carlos  Botero
Carlos Botero
Program in Genetics


Initiative in Biocomplexity Postdoctoral Fellow

Type: Postdocs

PhD, Cornell University
Postdoc, Rubicon Fellow, University of Groningen
Postdoc, NESCENT

Contact Info
Email: CABotero

Website: Visit my Homepage

I am an integrative evolutionary ecologist who combines observational and experimental work with theoretical modeling and comparative studies. Through this combination of approaches, I seek a more complete understanding of biological phenomena, from the general patterns we see at broad taxonomic or geographic scales, to the mechanisms that drive them. My primary research interests are to understand how animals adapt to changing environments and how selection pressures that change over time and/or space (i.e. fluctuation selection) influence ecological relationships.

Selected Publications:

Botero CA and SR de Kort. (in press). Learned signals and consistency of delivery: a case against receiver manipulation in animal communication. In: Stegmann, U. (ed) Animal Communication Theory: the Information Transfer Debate. Cambridge University Press.

Botero CA and DR Rubenstein. (2012). Fluctuating environments, sexual selection and the evolution of flexible mate choice in birds. PLoS One 7(2): e32311. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0032311

Botero CA, Pen I, Komdeur J, and FJ Weissing. (2010). The evolution of individual variation in communication strategies. Evolution. 64: 3123-3133.

Botero, CA, Boogert N, Lovette IJ, and SL Vehrencamp. 2009. Climatic patterns predict the elaboration of song displays in mockingbirds. Current Biology. 19:1-5.

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