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Dahlia M. Nielsen
Dahlia M. Nielsen
Program in Genetics


Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Type: Faculty

PhD, North Carolina State University

Contact Info
Office: 304 Ricks Hall
T: 919-515-2586
Email: Dahlia at Statgen

Website: Visit my Homepage

Research Areas: Computation / Bioinformatics

Current Research

My research is in statistical genetics. My current research project is to develop techniques for fine-scale genetic mapping in human populations, using population history to help locate genes involved in phenotypes such as hereditary diseases.

Selected Publications:

Schaff JE, Nielsen DM, Smith CP, Scholl EH, and Bird DMck. (2007). Transcriptome profiling in tomato reveals a role for glycosyltransferase in Mi-mediated nematode resistance. Plant Physiology. 144:1079–1092. PMCID: PMC 1914198.

Cary JW, O'Brian GR, Nielsen DM, Nierman W, Harris-Coward P, Yu J, Bhatnagar D, Cleveland TE, Payne GA, and Calvo AM. (2007). Elucidation of veA-Dependent Genes Associated with Aflatoxin and Sclerotial Production in Aspergillus flavus by Functional Genomics. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. 76(5):1107–1118.

Yu J, Pressoir G, Briggs WH, Bi IV, Yamasaki M, Doebley JF, McMullen MD, Gaut BS, Nielsen DM, Holland JB, Kresovich S, and Buckler ES. (2006). A Unified Mixed-Model Method for Association Mapping Accounting for Multiple Levels of Relatedness. Nature Genetics. 38(2):203–208.

Weir BS, Cardon LR, Anderson AD, Nielsen DM, and Hill WG. (2005). Measures of human population structure show heterogeneity among genomic regions. Genome Research. 15:1468–1476. PMCID: PMC 1310634.

Nielsen DM, Ehm MG, Zaykin DV, and Weir BS. (2004). Effect of Two and Three Locus Linkage Disequilibrium on the Power to Detect Marker/Phenotype Associations. Genetics. 168(2):1029–1040. PMCID: PMC 1448814.

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