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Eric  Stone
Eric Stone
Program in Genetics


Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Type: Faculty

PhD, Stanford University

Contact Info
Office: 309 Ricks Hall
Phone: 919-513-1221
Fax: 919-515-7315
Email: Eric_Stone

Website: Visit our Lab Home Page

Research Areas: Computation / Bioinformatics
Selected Publications:

Morozova TV, Ayroles JF, Jordan KW, Duncan LH, Carbone MA, Lyman RF, Stone EA, Govindaraju DR, Ellison CR, Mackay TFC, and Anholt RRH. (2009). Alcohol sensitivity in Drosophila: translational potential of systems genetics. Genetics. in press

Edwards AC, Ayroles JF, Stone EA, Carbone MA, Lyman RF, and Mackay TFC. (2009). A transcriptional network associatd with natural variation in Drosophila aggressive behavior. Genome Biology. 10: R76.

Hobolth A, and Stone EA. (2009). Efficient simulation from finite-state, continuous-time Markov chains with incomplete observations. Annals of Applied Statistics. in press

Stone EA, and Ayroles JF. (2009). Modulated modularity clustering as a tool for functional genomic inference. PLoS Genetics. 5: e1000479.

Stone EA, and Griffing AR. (2009). On the Fiedler vectors of graphs that arise from trees by Schur complementation of the Laplacian. Linear Algebra and its Applications.

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