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Fred  Gould
Fred Gould
Program in Genetics


William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Entomology

Type: Faculty

PhD, State University of New York, Stony Brook

Contact Info
Office: 1552 Thomas Hall
T: 919-515-1647
Email: Fred_Gould

Website: Visit our Lab Home Page

Research Areas: Population / Quantitative

The Mission of the Gould Lab Group is to investigate the ecology and genetics of insect pests in order to better understand natural and human-induced evolution. They believe that this knowledge will contribute to improving food production, and the health of humans and the environment. The group uses diverse approaches to achieving these goals, ranging from molecular analysis and ecological experiments to mathematical and computer modeling.

Selected Publications:

Gould F, Estock M, Hillier NK, Powell B, Groot AT, Ward CM, Emerson JL, Schal C, and Vickers NJ. (2010). Sexual isolation of male moths explained by a single pheromone response QTL containing four odorant receptor genes. PNAS. 107: 8660–8665.

Gould F. (2008). Broadening the application of evolutionarily based genetic pest management. Evolution. 62: 500–510.

Gould F, Huang Y, Legros M, and Lloyd AL. (2008). A killer-rescue system for self-limiting gene drive of anti-pathogen constructs. Proc Royal Soc Lond. B. 275: 2823–2829.

Groot AT, Bennett J, Hamilton J, Santangelo RG, Schal C, and Gould F. (2006). Experimental evidence for interspecific directional selection on moth pheromone communication. PNAS. 103(15): 5858–5863.

Sinkins SP, and Gould F. (2006). Gene drive systems for insect disease vectors. Nature Reviews Genetics. 7: 427–435.

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