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John  Godwin
John Godwin
Program in Genetics


Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Type: Faculty

PhD, University of Hawaii, Manoa

Contact Info
Office: 246 David Clark Laboratories
T: 919-513-2936
Email: John_Godwin

Website: Visit my Homepage

Research Areas:

The Godwin laboratory works in the areas of neurogenomics, molecular endocrinology, neurobiology and behavior. We are particularly interested in applying genomic and neurobiological approaches to problems in behavioral biology and behavioral evolution. Specific areas currently under study include the social influences on reproductive function with studies of sex changing fishes, the neurobiology and neurogenomics of fear and anxiety-related behaviors using zebrafish as a primary model, and genetic and behavioral adaptations of invasive mice in island settings.

Selected Publications:

Wong R, Perrin F, Oxendine S, Kezios ZD, Sawyers S, Dereje S, and Godwin J. (2012). Comparing Behavioral Responses across Multiple Assays of Stress and Anxiety in Zebrafish (Danio rerio). Behavior. 149:1205–1240.

Godwin J, and Thompson R. (2012). Nonapeptides and Social Behavior in Fishes. Hormones and Behavior. 61:230–238.

Godwin J. (2010). Neuroendocrinology of sexual plasticity in teleost fishes. Frontiers in Neuroendocrinology. 31(2):203–216.

Semsar K, Perreault HAN, and Godwin J. (2004). Fluoxetine-treated male wrasses exhibit low AVT expression: Insights into mechanisms and models of depression from wild-caught animals? Brain Research. 1029:141–147.

Semsar K, and Godwin J. (2003). Social influences on the AVT system are independent of gonads in a sex-changing fish. Journal of Neuroscience. 23(10):4386–4393.

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