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Peter  Balint-Kurti
Peter Balint-Kurti
Program in Genetics


USDA-ARS Plant Research Geneticist/Pathologist
USDA Associate Professor, NCSU Department of Pathology

Type: Faculty

PhD, John Innes Centre, UK
Postdoctoral, National Institutes of Health and Cornell University

Contact Info
Office: 2572 Thomas Hall
T: 919.515.3516
F: 919.856.4816
Email: peter_balintkurti

Website: Visit our Lab Home Page

Research Areas: Molecular / Cell / Development | Population / Quantitative

We work on the genetic and molecular basis of plant disease resistance and the defense response. In particular we are interested in the genetic basis of quantitative or partial resistance in maize and in the genetic architecture controlling variation in the maize defense response. We are also interested in genes conferring multiple disease resistance.

Selected Publications:

Wisser R, Kolkman J, Patzoldt M, Holland J, Yu J, Krakowsky M, Nelson R, and Balint-Kurti P. (2011). Multivariate analysis of resistances to three diseases in maize suggests a pleiotropic genetic basis and implicates a glutathione S-transferase as a multiple disease resistance gene. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 108:7339–7344.

Kump K, Bradbury P, Buckler E, Belcher A, Oropeza-Rosas M, Wisser R, Zwonitzer J, Kresovich S, McMullen M, Ware D, Balint-Kurti P, and Holland J. (2011). Genome-wide association study of quantitative resistance to southern leaf blight in the maize nested association mapping population. Nature Genetics. 43:163–168.

Kump K, Holland J, Jung M, Wolters P, and Balint-Kurti P. (2010). Joint analysis of near isogenic and recombinant inbred line populations yields precise positional estimates for QTL. Plant Genome. 3:142–153.

Chintamanani S, Hulbert SH, Johal GS, and Balint-Kurti P. (2010). Identification of a Maize Locus that Modulates the Hypersensitive Defense Response, Using Mutant-Assisted Gene Identification and Characterization (MAGIC). Genetics. 184:813–825.

Balint-Kurti PJ, Zwonitzer JC, Wisser RJ, Carson ML, Oropeza-Rosas M, Holland JB, and Szalma SJ. (2007). Precise mapping of quantitative trait loci for resistance to southern leaf blight, caused by Cochliobolus heterostrophus race O, and flowering time using advanced intercross maize lines. Genetics. 176:645–657.

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