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Ross  Whetten
Ross Whetten
Program in Genetics


Associate Professor of Forestry and Environmental Resources

Type: Faculty

PhD, Vanderbilt University

Contact Info
Office: 5231 Jordan Hall
T: 919-515-7578
Email: Ross_Whetten

Website: Visit my Homepage

Research Areas:

Xiong J, McKeand SE, Whetten RW, Isik F. (2013). Genetics of stem forking and ramicorn branches in a cloned loblolly pine family. Forest Science, in press.

Alberto F, Aitken S, Alia R, González-Martínez SC, Hanninen H, Kremer A, Lefèvre F, Lenormand T, Yeaman S, Whetten RW, Savolainen O. (2013). Evolutionary response to climate change - evidence from tree populations. Global Change Biology, in press.

Zapata-Valenzuela JA, Whetten RW, Neale DB, McKeand SE, Isik F. (2013). Genomic estimated breeding values using genomic relationship matrices in a cloned population of loblolly pine. G3 (Genes, Genomes, Genetics). doi:10.1534/g3.113.005975

Isik F, Amerson HV, Whetten RW, Garcia SA, McKeand SE. (2012). Interactions of Fr genes and mixed-pathogen inocula in the loblolly pine-fusiform rust pathosystem. Tree Genet Genomes. 8:15–25.

Cumbie WP, Eckert A, Wegrzyn J, Whetten R, Neale D, Goldfarb B. (2011). Association genetics of carbon isotope discrimination, height and foliar nitrogen in a natural population of Pinus taeda L. Heredity. 107:105–114.

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