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Troy  Ghashghaei
Troy Ghashghaei
Program in Genetics


Associate Professor of Neurobiology

Type: Faculty

PhD, Boston University
Postdoc, University of NC-Chapel Hill

Contact Info
Office: B104 College of Veterinary Medicine-Main
T: 919-513-6174
Email: Troy_Ghashghaei

Website: Visit my Homepage

Research Areas: Molecular / Cell / Development

Research in the Ghashghaei laboratory is directed toward: (1) Understanding cellular and molecular mechanisms that underlie the development and functioning of neural stem cells in the mouse brain; (2) Development of methods to understand and alter the fate of adult stem cells toward distinct neuronal and glial lineages; (3) Utilization of cell-based techniques in development of novel therapies in mouse and large-animal (veterinary) models of neurological diseases.

Selected Publications:

Liang H, Xiao G, Yin H, Hippenmeyer S, Horowitz JM, and Ghashghaei HT. (2013). Neural stem and progenitor cells require the Specificity Protein 2 for successful completion of cytokinesis. Development. 140(3):552–561.


Jacquet BV, Muthusamy N, Sommerville LJ, Xiao G, Liang H, Zhang Y, Holtzman MJ, and Ghashghaei HT. (2011). Specification of a Foxj1-dependent lineage in the forebrain is required for embryonic-to-postnatal transition of neurogenesis in the olfactory bulb. J. Neurosci. 31(25):9368–9382.

Jacquet BV, Ruckart P, and Ghashghaei HT. (2010). An organotypic slice assay for high-resolution time-lapse imaging of neuronal migration in the postnatal brain. J Vis Exp. (46)pii: 2486. doi: 10.3791/2486.

Jacquet BV, Salinas-Mondragon R, Liang H, Therit B, Buie JD, Dykstra M, Campbell K, Ostrowski LE, Brody SL, and Ghashghaei HT. (2009). FoxJ1-dependent gene expression is required for differentiation of radial glia into ependymal cells and a subset of astrocytes in the postnatal brain. Development. 136(23):4021–4031.

Jacquet BV, Patel M, Iyengar M, Liang H, Therit B, Salinas-Mondragon R, Lai C, Olsen JC, Anton ES, and Ghashghaei HT. (2009). Analysis of neuronal proliferation, migration, and differentiation in the postnatal brain using equine infectious anemia virus-based lentiviral vectors. Gene Therapy. 16(8):1021–1033.

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