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Wen  Huang
Wen Huang
Program in Genetics


Postdoctoral Associate

Type: Postdocs

Group: Mackay Lab

PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Contact Info
Office: 3532A Thomas Hall
T: 919-515-5770
F: 919-515-3355
Email: Wen.Huang

Website: Visit our Lab Home Page

I am broadly interested in understanding the genetic basis of quantitative trait variation. Current research uses Drosophila as a model and approaches such as QTL mapping, genetical genomics, etc.

Selected Publications:

Huang W, and Khatib H. (2010). Comparison of Transcriptomic Landscapes of Bovine Embryos Using RNA-Seq. BMC Genomics. 11: 711.

Huang W, Kirkpatrick BW, Rosa GJM, and Khatib H. (2010). A Genome Wide Association Study Using Selective DNA Pooling Identifies Candidate Markers for Fertility in Holstein Cattle. Animal Genetics. 41(6): 570–578.

Huang W, Yandell BS, and Khatib H. (2010). Transcriptomic Profiling of Bovine IVF Embryos Revealed Candidate Genes and Pathways Involved in Early Embryonic Development. BMC Genomics. 11: 23.

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