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Whitney M. Jones
Whitney M. Jones
Program in Genetics


Lecturer of Biological Sciences

Type: Faculty

PhD, Duke University

Contact Info
Office: 1567F Thomas Hall
T: 919-515-0327
F: 919-515-3355
Email: WMJones4

Research Areas: Academic

As an instructor, I have two primary goals. First, I want to increase the knowledge base of the student, introducing them to concepts, data and theories that are required for basic understanding of genetics. It is important to give the students this foundation in order that the other goal, teaching critical thinking and evaluation, may be reached. Many of the students that take college genetics classes will not continue in their career to be scientists. For these students especially, it is important to expose them to scientific thinking. I feel it is important to emphasize, in all levels of instruction, how to undertake hypothesis driven testing, and critical review and analysis of others’ work, including the primary literature. In the laboratory setting, this can be easily accomplished. The important thing is that the student must think about how to design experiments to accomplish their goal. In my experience, this sort of experience is what students get the most out of, and what they get the most excited about. I feel that if I expect the students to be able to solve a problem, they will rise to the occasion and truly become involved in the investigation.

I think that in all aspects of instruction, we should encourage the students to think critically about data, and evaluate concepts. This skill is crucial for young people to achieve at the college level, so that they are more informed citizens.

Selected Publications:

Jones JW, Chao AT, Zavortink M, Saint R, and Bejsovec A. (2010). Cytokinesis proteins Tum and Pav have a nuclear role in Wnt regulation. J Cell Sci. 123(pt 13): 2179–89.

Gregory SL, Ebrahimi S, Milverton J, Jones WM, Bejsovec A, and Saint R. (2008). Cell division requires a direct link between microtubule-bound RacGap and Anillin in the contractile ring. Current Biology. 18(1): 25–9.

Chao AT, Jones WM, and Bejsovec A. (2007). The HMG-box transcription factor SoxNeuro acts with Tcf to control Wg/Wnt signaling activity. Development. 134(5): 989–97.

Jones WM, and Bejsovec A. (2005). RacGap50C negatively regulates wingless pathway activity during Drosophila embryonic development. Genetics. 169(4): 2075–86.

Jones WM, and Bejsovec A. (2003). Wingless signaling: an axin to grind. Current Biology. 13: R479–R481.

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