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NC State Genetics embraces collaborative research that addresses long-standing questions in genetics in order to produce outstanding undergraduate and graduate training programs

1st Genetics Program in the Nation

Over the past 66 years, Genetics at NC State has continued to develop a program of excellence. It consists of over 90 faculty members in 14 departments and 5 colleges, with research interests encompassing everything from behavioral genetics and bioinformatics to cellular and developmental genetics. It offers exceptional undergraduate and graduate programs, attracting students domestically and globally from a wide range of communities. Students have access to state of the art facilities, receive personalized mentorship, and have multiple opportunities to take place in hands-on research.

Graduate Application Closed

The Fall 2019 application deadline for the MR, MS, and PhD in Genetics was December 31, 2018. Check back soon for the Fall 2020 application.

Khushi Goda, PhD Student 

“From being a complete desk-bound researcher, I now get to use cranes to work with gigantic Loblolly pine trees in vast open fields! The peace and quiet is rejuvenating! I get to work with real pine breeders and incorporate solutions to their problems into my research.”

Dr. Rubén Rellán-Álvarez, Faculty

“[I’m looking for] students with an interest in understanding how natural genetic variation shapes local adaptation and are willing to investigate this process using a variety of tools…that can help understand the functional mechanism of candidate genes involved in local adaptation.”

Dr. Steven Vensko II, PhD alum (2015)

“[NC State Genetics] worked to educate students on the differences between academia and industry and supported students regardless of which path they felt was best for them…the opportunities to network with those in industry and even work as an intern at a local biotechnology company allowed me to earn the position I have today.”



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The Graduate Program in Genetics has closed applications for Fall 2019. The deadline was December 31, 2018. Click below to learn more about the application process for Fall 2020.

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An enhanced assay to characterize anti-CRISPR proteins using a cell-free transcription-translation system.
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Pervasive Resistance to Pyrethroids in German Cockroaches (Blattodea: Ectobiidae) Related to Lack of Efficacy of Total Release Foggers.
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Cosmological Constraints from Multiple Probes in the Dark Energy Survey.
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