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NC State Genetics embraces collaborative research that addresses long-standing questions in genetics in order to produce outstanding undergraduate and graduate training programs

1st Genetics Program in the Nation

Since its inception in 1952, Genetics at NC State has continued to develop a program of excellence. It consists of over 90 faculty members in 14 departments and 5 colleges, with research interests encompassing everything from behavioral genetics and bioinformatics to cellular and developmental genetics. It offers exceptional undergraduate and graduate programs, attracting students domestically and globally from a wide range of communities. Students have access to state of the art facilities, receive personalized mentorship, and have multiple opportunities to take place in hands-on research.

Adarsha devihalli, PhD Candidate

“I grew up in the hill stations of southwestern India with diverse crops and trees around. Answering questions and finding solutions to problems in the field have always fascinated me. I always like to question the way of biological processes and answer them with scientific tools.”

Dr. Christa Baker, Faculty

“I hope to share my excitement about mentoring, teaching, and research with students and colleagues at NCSU. I am very happy to bring the important genetic model system Drosophila melanogaster to campus and I am looking forward to the new and interesting research directions that interactions with folks in Genetics will inspire.”


Dr. Samuel Widmayer, PhD alum (2019)

“The most fundamental thing I learned during graduate school that prepared me for the career path I would eventually follow is how to really think critically. …Additionally, learning to have a keen eye for detail and logic in graduate school made me a better scientist and teammate down the road.”



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