Alumni Testimonials

Alumni Testimonials


Steven Vensko II

Team Lead, Bioinformatics Data Services
Q2 Solutions/Expression Analysis
Durham, NC

PhD in Genetics, NC State University
B.S., Clemson University

Lab: Dr. Eric Stone

Steven graduated with a PhD in Genetics in 2015. While at NC State, his research concerned MSL complex-mediated dosage compensation within Drosophila. Specifically, he focused on how dosage compensation influenced the genetic composition of the X chromosome and how levels of dosage compensation vary among tissues throughout male individuals.

Steven credits his initial interest in NC State to his Clemson undergraduate advisor, Dr. Amy Lawton-Rauh, who had earned her degree from the Genetics Program and thought it would be a good fit for him as well. During an interview with the program, his interest in NC State was solidified. “I was impressed by the range of interesting research being performed and the passion shared by all of the students and faculty,” he says. It was after this visit he decided to pursue a PhD in Genetics at NC State.

Now, reflecting on his years of graduate study with NC State Genetics, Steven appreciates how the program prepared him for his career. He specifically values how the program educated him and other students on all available career options as well as how they supported each student’s choice whether it was academia, industry, or another professional path. He also emphasizes the program’s ability to connect its students to career partners, saying “the opportunities to network with those in industry and even work as an intern at a local biotechnology company allowed me to earn the position I have today.”

After graduation, Steven landed a job with Q2 Solutions/Expression Analysis in Durham, NC as a Bioinformaticist. He has since moved up to Team Lead of Bioinformatics Data Services with Q2 and is thriving in his field.