Applying For Graduate Study

Applying for Graduate Study

The Genetics Program offers three graduate degrees: M.R., M.S. and Ph.D. The application cycle for Fall 2024 is now closed. We will begin evaluating applications shortly. If you have questions, please contact Graduate Services Coordinator Tyler DeAtley ( Applications for the Fall 2025 cycle will open later this year.

The Graduate Program in Genetics receives applications each year from prospective students across the US and from many countries throughout the world. The application for admission is exclusively online and is available through the Graduate School website. Candidates for graduate work should have a bachelor’s degree in biological, agricultural, physical or mathematical science and a basic understanding of biological principles and processes.

The program considers the complete application package for every applicant, with a strong focus on transcript, letters of recommendation, and past research experience.

  • The graduate program is academically rigorous. Your transcripts will reflect how strong you perform in the biological, physical and mathematical sciences and your overall academic potential.
  • As there are three degree paths (PhD, MS-Thesis, MR-Nonthesis), please carefully consider which degree path is right for you and your goals. Information about these path can be found here.
  • As of the Fall 2021 admission cycle, the Genetics Program is no longer requiring the GRE for MR, MS, or PhD applications. Applicants may provide their scores if they choose, but it is completely optional.

Admission Pathways to the Ph.D. in Genetics

Genetics Program Fellowships

The Genetics Program offers competitive first year fellowships that are awarded to several top applicants each year. Through these fellowships, students will have the opportunity to complete three five-week rotations in multiple labs in order to sample various research interests, faculty mentors, techniques, etc. Rotations will conclude towards the end of the first semester, and students are expected to select their lab home and begin their research project in the second semester of their first year. After their first year is complete, students will continue to be supported through Research Assistantships (RA) or Teaching Assistantships (TA).

Partner Fellowships

The Genetics Program is a partner of the flagship Genetics and Genomics Scholars program (GGS) at NC State and accepts new Ph.D students through this partnership. GG Scholars are awarded competitive one-year graduate fellowships covering stipend, tuition, and benefits. Genetics Ph.D. applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for GGS in order to maximize their funding opportunities.

The Genetics Program also accepts Ph.D. students through partnerships with the AgBioFEWS and LSAMP fellowship programs. We encourage interested and eligible Genetics Program applicants to also apply to these programs.

Direct Recruitment

Applicants may begin contacting faculty throughout their application process if they wish to identify their faculty mentor and lab home before the start of the program. Students who make a successful connection with a faculty mentor that agrees to recruit them will directly enter the lab without completing rotations upon admission into the Genetics Program. Students who select this route may or may not receive first year funding through the Genetics Program Fellowships and may need to rely on their mentor for funding in their first year.