Genetics Graduate Student Association

The GGSA is a community made up of all the Genetics graduate students at NC State. It offers support in academics and professional goals, camaraderie through socials and intramural sports, and professional development opportunities through networking, outreach, and research events.

Submit any exciting new results in your research or news of recent travels to Morgan Maly (, GGSA webmaster.

2018-2019 GGSA Officers

Learn more about the officer roles in the GGSA and how they support the Genetics graduate students.








Lossie (Elle) Rooney, President

Primary responsibilities include scheduling regular GGSA meetings, attending faculty meetings, and reporting back any new information to students, assist as necessary to ensure the timely completion of the responsibilities of other GGSA officers and committees, and oversee general activities of the GGSA.


Kara Carlson, Jr. President

The main responsibility is to assist the President with the running of the GGSA and to assist other GGSA officers and committees, when required, to ensure the timely completion of responsibilities.


Anna Rogers, Vice President/UGSA Representative

The primary responsibility is to attend the monthly University Graduate Student Association (UGSA) meetings and to report back to GGSA members any new or useful information.


Erin Peterson, Secretary

The main responsibilities include recording the minutes at each GGSA meetings.


Allison Schloop, Treasurer

The main responsibilities include maintaining records for GGSA account balances and ensuring that all requirements for the use of GGSA funds are met.


Morgan Maly, Web Master

The main responsibilities include maintaining the GGSA website, ensuring up-to-date, accurate information and a professional appearance.