Genetics is arguably the most important field in biological sciences, impacting all aspects biology, from health and disease, breeding plants and animals for food and fiber, evolution, and an understanding of basic molecular, developmental and cellular processes. The technological revolution enabling us to assemble genome and transcriptome sequences across diverse taxa, as well as within populations brings new tools to bear for addressing longstanding questions in genetics.

The University-wide Program in Genetics at North Carolina State University consists of 53 faculty members in 14 Departments and four Colleges, with research interests encompassing behavioral genetics, biomedical genetics, computational genetics and bioinformatics, evolutionary, population and quantitative genetics, and molecular, cellular and developmental genetics.

Our faculty members utilize a wide range of traditional and non-traditional model systems in their research and embrace collaborative research. The Program in Genetics has a strong national and international reputation, outstanding undergraduate and graduate training programs, and postdoctoral fellow training and research opportunities.


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