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Javier  Brumos Fuentes
Javier Brumos Fuentes
Program in Genetics


Postdoctoral Associate

Type: Postdocs

Group: Alonso Lab

PhD, Universidad Politechnica de Valencia, Spain

Contact Info
Office: 2501 Thomas Hall
T: 919-515-5739
F: 919-515-3355
Email: JBrumos

Website: Visit our Lab Home Page

The regulation of hormone biosynthesis is one of the essential factors in signal integration biology. In our lab, we decipher how hormones are synthesized, how their synthesis is regulated and what the physiological significance of such regulation is. Almost every aspect of a plant life cycle, from embryo development, meristem maintenance and differentiation to defense against pathogens and organ abscission, has been directly linked to auxin activity gradients. Despite the fundamental role of auxin gradients, little is known about the contribution of the de novo biosynthesis to the generation and maintenance of these gradients. Understanding of the basic aspects of auxin biosynthesis promises to spark a second boom of information on auxin-regulated plant growth and development. The recent identification of the auxin biosynthetic genes TAA1 and TARs in our lab allow us to: a)investigate the physiological significance of the dynamic expression patters of these genes, b)study the relationship between different routs of auxin biosynthesis, and c)identify novel genetic elements of the newly discovered TAA1/TAR-mediated IPA branch of the auxin biosynthetic pathway.

Selected Publications:

Brumós J, Talón M, Colmenero-Flores JM. (2010). Characterization of Cl- homeostasis in includer and excluder Citrus rootstocks: evidence for the occurrence of symplastically-regulated Cl- transport and exclusión mechanisms. Plant, Cell & Environment. (in press)

Brumós J, Colmenero-Flores JM, Conesa A, Izquierdo P, Sánchez G, Iglesias DJ, López-Climent MF, Gómez-Cadenas A, Talón M. (2009). Membrane transporters and carbon metabolism implicated in chloride homeostasis differentiate salt stress responses in tolerant and sensitive Citrus rootstocks. Functional and Integrative Genomics. 9(3):293–309.

Colmenero-Flores JM, Martínez G, Gamba G, Vázquez N, Iglesisas DJ, Brumós J, Talón M. (2007). Identification and functional characterization of cation-chloride cotransporters in plants. Plant Journal. 50(2):278–92.

Terol J, Conesa A, Colmenero J, Cercos M, Tadeo F, Agustí J, Alós E, Andres F, Soler G, Brumos J, Iglesias D, Götz S, Legaz F, Argout X, Courtois B, Ollitrault P, Dossat C, Wincker P, Morillon R, Talon M. (2007). Analysis of 13000 unique Citrus clusters associated with fruit quality, production and salinity tolerance. BMC Genomics. 258:31.

Forment J, Gadea J, Huerta L, Abizanda L, Agustí J, Alamar S, Alos E, Andrés F, Berbel A, Blazquez MA, Brumós J, et al. A genome-wide EST collection and cDNA microarray from Citrus. Plant Molecular Biology. 57: 375–391.

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