Eugene Eisen

Named Professor Emeritus

  • Phone: 919-515-4017
  • Office: Polk Hall 226C

Research Interests


Selection for growth, body composition, and reproduction traits; incorporation of the growth hormone transgene into livestock selection programs; finding quantitative trait loci that control growth, body composition, and reproduction; the mouse as a model for research in animal breeding and quantitative genetics.

Teaching Interests


ANS 713 Quantitative Genetics and Breeding

ANS 713 Quantitative Genetics and Breeding

Commodity Interests


Swine, Mouse Model for Livestock Genetics and Human Obesity

Selected Publications


Rocha, J. L., E. J. Eisen, L. D. Van Vleck and D. Pomp. 2004. A large-sample QTL study in mice: I. Growth. Mammalian Genome 15:83-89.

House, R. L., J. P. Cassady, E. J. Eisen, T. E. Eling, J. B. Collins, S. F. Grissom and J. Odle. 2005. Functional genomic characterization of de-lipidation elicited by trans 10, cis 12-conjugated linoleic acid (t10c12-CLA) in a polygenic obese line of mice. Physiological Genomics 21:351-361.

Jerez-Timaure, N. C., E. J. Eisen and D. Pomp. 2005. Fine-mapping of a QTL region with large effects on growth and fatness on mouse chromosome 2. Physiological Genomics 21:411-422.

Allan, M. F., E. J. Eisen and D. Pomp. 2005. Genomic mapping of direct and correlated responses to long-term selection for rapid growth rate in mice. Genetics 170:1863-1877.

Eisen, E. J. 2005. The Mouse in Animal Genetics and Breeding Research. Imperial College Press, London.


Gene Eisen