Rodolphe Barrangou



Research Interests

Our laboratory focuses on the biology and genetics of CRISPR-Cas immune systems in bacteria. Using microbiology, molecular biology, and genomics approaches, we investigate the use of CRISPR-Cas systems for three types of applications:

1. Exploitation of CRISPR spacer hypervariability for genotyping and phylogenetic studies of beneficial and pathogenic bacteria
2. Leveraging CRISPR-mediated interference for building up phage resistance in probiotic strains and starter cultures used in food manufacturing
3. Harnessing of Cas9-mediated, re-programmable dsDNA cleavage for genome editing in bacteria

These activities provide insights into the genetic and molecular processes that drive CRISPR-mediated adaptive immunity in bacteria and generate novel tools for the manipulation of industrially relevant organisms for food and biotechnological applications.

Courses Taught


BBS 201 Introduction to Biopharmaceutical Sciences

FS 693 MR Supervised Research

FS 725 Fermentation Microbiology

FS 893 DR Supervised Research

Selected Publications


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Rodolphe Barrangou