Proposed Genetics and Genomics Curriculum

As the Genetics and Functional Genomics programs continue in our administrative efforts to complete our proposed merger, questions surrounding what curriculum will look have arisen. Below you can find what the Proposed Genetics and Genomics Curriculum is. For our current students, this can act as helpful guide of what to expect once the merger is finalized. For prospective students, this gives you insight in the intended future of the program.


Genetics and Genomics Core 

  • The following 18-20 credits are required for all G&G students (PhD, MR, and MS).
  1. GN 701 Molecular Genetics 3 cr
  2. GN 703 Pop & Quant Genetics 3 cr
  3.  GN 702 Cell & Dev Genetics or GN 735 Functional Genomics 3 cr
  4.  511 Stats for Researchers I 3 cr*
  5. Genetic/Genomic Data Analysis (multiple options) 3 cr**
  6. Research Ethics (multiple options) 1-3 cr***
  7. GN 810 G&G Journal Club (taken twice) 2 cr

Core Total 18-20 cr  


  • G&G Core 18-20 cr  Free Electives & Research 52-54 cr
  • PhD Total Credits 72-74 cr 

Required elements:

  • Written and Oral Prelims
  • Dissertation and Defense (Oral Final)


  • G&G Core 18-20 cr
  • Advised Electives 6 cr****
  • Research 6 cr

MS Total Credits 30-32 cr 

Required elements:

  • MS Thesis
  • Oral Final


  • G&G Core 18-20 cr
  • Advised Electives 12 cr
  • MR Total Credits 30-32 cr 
  • No thesis or final exam (“Option B” Masters: see section C of

Proposed Genetics and Genomics Graduate Program Curriculum  

March 2022  


*Or a more advanced statistics course, such as ST 512 Statistical Methods for Researchers.

**We anticipate that many students will choose BIO 562: Fundamentals of Bioinformatics (listed  as BIO 592-095 for Fall 2022). However, students may substitute a different Genetics and  Genomics course with approval of the DGP. This course may NOT be a statistics or data  science class that is not focused heavily on Genetics and/or Genomics data. Examples of  potential courses include:

  • GGS 771 Data Science for Genetics and Genomics 3 cr  ● GN 527 Introductory Bioinformatics 3 cr  ● BIT 815 Deep Sequencing Analysis 3 cr  ● GN 756 Computational Molecular Evolution 3 cr
  • GN 757 Quantitative Genetics Theory and Methods 3 cr  ● ST 590C Bioinformatics II 3 cr  ● ST/GN 721 Genetic Data Analysis 3 cr

***Example courses fulfilling Research Ethics requirement, or others per approval of DGP:

  • GGS 840 Professional Development & Ethics in Genetics & Genomics 3 cr  ● PHI 816 Introduction to Research Ethics 1 cr  ● TOX 820 Ethics Seminar 1 cr  ● GES 5XX Genetic Engineering & Society special topics courses 1-3 cr

****At most 3 credits of research may be used in the Advised Elective category.