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The University wide Program in Genetics consists of 53 faculty members in 14 Departments and four Colleges, who have research interests spanning all aspects of genetics from molecules to populations. The program also administers outstanding undergraduate and graduate training programs in genetics.

Program in Genetics


During their first semester, new graduate students participate in at least three laboratory rotations, each five weeks in duration. These rotations facilitate choosing a major professor and research program. Once associated with a particular mentor, and advisory committee of at least three additional professors is assembled. The majority of coursework for the PhD is completed within approximately two years at the beginning of the program. Following the completion of this coursework, preliminary and oral examinations are taken. In addition to coursework and research, PhD students are required to teach two semesters of undergraduate courses.

GN 701  Molecular Genetics
GN 702 Cellular and Developmental Genetics
GN 703 Population and Quantitative Genetics
GN 850 Professionalism and Ethics
GN 810X** Special Topics in Genetics
ST 511 Experimental Statistics for Biologists


(an additional 12 hrs of elective courses are required, 9 hours must come from this list
GN 504 Human Genetics
GN 713 Quantitative Genetics and Breeding
GN 721 Genetic Data Analysis
GN 735 Functional Genomics
GN 740 Evolutionary Genetics
GN 745 Quantitative Genetics in Plant Breeding
GN 750 Developmental Genetics
GN 756 Computational Molecular Evolution
GN 758 Prokaryotic Molecular Genetics
GN 761 Advanced Molecular Biology of the Cell
BO 824N Topics in Plant Molecular Genetics
BCH 701 Macromolecular Structure
BIT 510 Core Technologies*
BIT 815XX Advanced Modules (Several)*

* Only three hours of these courses may be counted toward the primary elective requirement.
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