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May 13–16, 2018 | Madison, WI

Building on the momentum of the highly successful #PEQG16 (held at GSA’s The Allied Genetics Conference), the 2018 Population, Evolutionary, and Quantitative Genetics Conference (#PEQG18) brings together population, evolutionary, and quantitative geneticists to promote cross-disciplinary exchange between those doing theoretical and experimental work in these broad but overlapping fields.

Topics will span the diversity of PEQG, including:

  • Theoretical population genetics
  • Molecular evolution
  • Quantitative and complex traits
  • Population genomics
  • Experimental evolution
  • Adaptation and ecological genetics
  • Statistical genetics
  • Genome evolution
  • Speciation

Early career scientists, including postdocs and students, will benefit from networking events, career and publishing workshops, presentation and poster review opportunities, and other initiatives designed by the Genetics Society of America to prepare attendees for success during their training and careers.

You can join the conversation on social media using #PEQG18.

Our Director of the Genetics Program, Dr. Trudy Mackay, will be one of the featured keynote speakers at the Population, Evolutionary, and Quantitative Genetics Conference. Dr. Trudy Mackay is a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at North Carolina State University. Her laboratory focuses on understanding the genetic and environmental factors affecting variation in quantitative traits, using Drosophila as a model system. Her laboratory seeks to identify the genetic loci at which segregating and mutational variation occurs, allelic effects and environmental sensitivities, and the causal molecular variants. Her research utilizes mutagenesis to identify candidate genes and pathways, quantitative trait locus mapping of alleles segregating in nature, and systems genetics analyses to provide biological context and identify transcriptional and genetic networks affecting complex traits.

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