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The University wide Program in Genetics consists of 53 faculty members in 14 Departments and four Colleges, who have research interests spanning all aspects of genetics from molecules to populations. The program also administers outstanding undergraduate and graduate training programs in genetics.

Program in Genetics


The Graduate Program in Genetics receives applications each year from prospective students across the US and from many countries throughout the world. The application for admission is exclusively online and is available through the Graduate School web site. Candidates for graduate work should have a bachelor’s degree in biological, agricultural, physical or mathematical science and a basic understanding of biological principles and processes.

The graduate program is academically rigorous. Your transcripts will reflect how strong you perform in the biological, physical and mathematical sciences and your overall academic potential. The Graduate Record Exam (GRE) reflects skills that are not directly related to any specific field of study. Graduate students are expected to have strong verbal and quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills. Competitive applicants will have strong percentile scores in all categories, and have scored above the 85th percentile in the Quantitative portion of the exam.

Documents Required

Special Notes for International Applicants

The Online Application

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